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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Red Challenge • Day Three • February 4th

*That weird white thing...? Just ignore it. It's the seasoning pack and I should have sat it up, because it looks like some funky white blob!

Have you ever ate any of these Banquet meals? They are delicious! We probably have four or five boxes in the lower cabinet. We keep buying them but haven't ate any in a while. Leave it to us! My husband's favorite meal is the Pizza Pasta. My favorite is the Country Chicken Mashed Potatoes and Biscuits. Our little boy, well, he likes it all *lol*

The One Word Project • Shutter Sisters

My word for the month of February is Transformation.


My little boy woke up and wanted some cereal. While he was sitting beside me eating, I was thinking of how the cereal in the bowl would change. Then it hit me... TRANSFORMATION! And I knew it would be perfect for the 'One Word' project going on by Shutter Sisters.

So, I got a before shot and an after shot. I thought leaving a few pieces of cereal in the bowl for the second image would be more interesting than just having milk.

I played an action I created on both photos. Then I added two textures to both (the same two to each). I also played a vintage action on it but I can't remember who created it, or else I would give them credit. I then just put my text naming what it was and today's date.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Red Challenge • Day Two • February 3rd


Always throw some fun into your marriage! This is a gag gift that I put into my husband's Christmas stocking for him to open and find on Christmas Day 2008. Inside the tin can, he found two little pieces of coal wrapped up in white tissue paper. He laughed and thought it was funny. Is he really naughty? Nah. He's a wonderful husband to me and a great Daddy to our two kiddos! He works super hard at his job and he supports the daylights out of our family. He would help anybody in a second, too, whether he knew them or not. He's a lot of fun to be around and goofy (in a good personality-wise way). I'm so glad he's my best friend, because I love him so very much and feel so comfortable around him.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Vote for Dani Snell's Brother!

Go to Dani's blog *RIGHT HERE* to read about her brother, Josh. He's starring in a video made by one of his friends & it has been chosen as one of ten 2009 finalists for a Coca-Cola contest.

Whoever wins (hopefully Dani's brother and all the people that worked on, starred in & etc) will have their commercial shown in the movie theaters before the actual movie begins.

So again, go to Dani's blog and read her post about it. Then all you have to do is watch the short video "Butter Not Forget" and that's all there is to it. SIMPLE (so do it *wink*)! Let me tell you, it is very funny!

Good luck to your brother, Dani!

Red Challenge • Day One • February 2nd


My son loooooooooooooves "Ehmoe" and this is his favorite chair in the whole entire world! We bought it for him at a KB Toys when we were up in West Virginia a long time ago. He sits in it every day. Every Day! I think instead of carrying around a 'blankie', this is his comfort thing. This chair goes all over the house with him. It's really sweet, actually.

I'm surprised he hasnt wanted to take it outside yet, but I'm sure that time is coming. Probably this Summer. Of course, I will have to tell him no because you cant really put a chair in the washer. He has a million other chairs though and some of them are the kind you can take outside.

But, still, this is his most loved and cherished chair of all. I know he won't be the only one who will be sad when he grows out of it. I wish you could keep kids little for a lot longer period of time because they grow up way too fast!


Credit: The texture I used in the Elmo photo came from borealnz on Flickr.

Fight it! Fight it! Fight it!

I made my little boy some Pork&Beans earlier. Oh, they smelled really great and I havent had any in the longest time. But I'm trying to eat better so I didn't steal any of his *lol* And I know what the front of the can says, but I still read the back about the nutritional value and decided against it.

I can STILL smell them though. Oh, how I want them! We have another can but I'm resisting the urge. I'll let my son have them later on today. Then I can savor the smell for real ;)



I'm going (to try) to post a new photo every day here on my blog of something red (and possibly pink).

I would have started yesterday had I thought about it beforehand.

I bet you know why red or pink, right? Because February = Valentine's Day!

♥♥♥ ← one heart for my hubby, one heart for my son & one heart for my daughter :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009




I admit.. I should have picked the seeds out before taking the picture. I know better now and will do that next time!

New Blog Header!

Do you like it? I took those three photos last Summer (well, I think one was from May). I cannot wait until it gets warm out again! I love going fishing with my husband and son at the lake and now we have our daughter to take with us this year!
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