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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Red Challenge • Day Three • February 4th

*That weird white thing...? Just ignore it. It's the seasoning pack and I should have sat it up, because it looks like some funky white blob!

Have you ever ate any of these Banquet meals? They are delicious! We probably have four or five boxes in the lower cabinet. We keep buying them but haven't ate any in a while. Leave it to us! My husband's favorite meal is the Pizza Pasta. My favorite is the Country Chicken Mashed Potatoes and Biscuits. Our little boy, well, he likes it all *lol*

3 friendly comments:

  1. Slacker ;) Hard to keep up, isn't it. I tried the 365 challenge and totally failed. You have a great idea here, try to keep it going. You could also change your colors/themes each month and try to keep going. March=Green, April=pastels, July=Red,White,and Blue. Just throwing around ideas. Maybe we can both do it and get other photogs on board :)

  2. OH misty I LOVE the chicken mashed potato biscuit one! I toss frozen veggies between the potatoes and the chicken gravy to add some nutritional value to it.LOL! Never seen the pizza pasta one!

  3. Where have you been? I miss seeing your pictures!!! :)


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