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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What?!! You want to DRINK your turkey and gravy?!

While reading this post on (ever heard of Bramble Berry?), I seen that you can order bottles of Jones soda to your own customization and personalization wants and needs (the label, that is)! How cool is it that you can order pop with whatever photo of yours that you want?! SO COOL, I say!

They have a lot of different flavors (some with pretty colors!) for you to choose from. Yes, they even have a special "Turkey and Gravy" flavor for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, while supplies last. & the directions of how to get your order put through seem easy enough to understand.

If I had the money I would totally put an order through, but I dont so I cant *lol* But that doesnt stop me from sharing my new find with you all! So if you're interested (or just want to peek and check things out), go to and have a look around!

Update on my niece!

i called my mom a little bit ago b/c i hadnt heard anything on madi today.
she said that her white blood cells were down in the tests yesterday, but they ran the same test today and they were back up to where they were supposed to be!

so they're running a few more tests and should get the results back later today.
if everything checks out, then they'll probably release her and she'll get to go home! yay!!

thank you all for your thoughts & prayers. please keep her in them though until she feels 100% better :-)

Thoughts/Prayers for my 6 year old niece, please!

madi was admitted into the hospital on monday. she'd been puking and my sister, kim, took her to the doctor and they said she had a virus & sent her home. then they called kim and said to take her to the hospital to be put in and have some tests ran.

she'd been puking like crazy and they said it was green bile from her gallbladder. they said that like ten other kids had been admitted there with the same virus. and so they were doing some tests to figure everything out.

then yesterday, they said that she does have a virus but it's a different one than all the other kids. so they said that she has to stay for another night or two. & last night, my mom called me and said that something showed up in her blood test results that the hospital didnt like, but we dont know anything further than that.

so please pray for madi that she starts feeling better soon & that it is not anything serious at all. they put an i.v. in her hand monday and she told my mom that they 'had cold water running in her arm and it was freezing her' *lol* but last night she was crying wanting to come home.

also, please pray for kim. mom said that she had started puking, too, but she doesnt think she's catching what madi has. her and a nurse both ate something from the cafeteria and both started puking, so they think they got food poisoning.

i'll hop on and update whenever i hear something. just please pray/keep them in your thoughts. thanks!
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