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Friday, August 15, 2008

Caterpillar {loader}



Can you believe that my Dad wrecked this the other day? Well, he did! He got my husband to drive in front of him in his pickup truck to be the flagsman because the loader doesnt have any brakes & they were going to be going down a really small, hilly road.

So my husband gets to the bottom of the hill and turns the truck off and gets out to listen for oncoming vehicles. He said he heard this really weird noise and then seen my Dad coming down the road... the bucket down on the blacktop trying to stop him, but to no avail. So he turned towards the trees and smacked into them because it was the only way he could stop.

It scared my husband so he hurried up to my Dad. It crushed part of the cab in right at the steering wheel & they said if he'd been holding onto it, then his fingers would've been chopped off! But, thank God he was holding onto the little knob thingy on the steering wheel instead! His knuckles were busted up and his arm was cut and bleeding a little bit, but no major injuries. He's on blood thinners for his heart where he's had heart caths and stuff... so we're really thankful he wasnt hurt!

I told them both that they cant play together anymore b/c the other day my hubby went riding bikes with his friend and tried to point and show him that there were some gravels in the road... and he wrecked. Cut his knee up pretty bag and his foot (the end of his toe = NASTY!). So since they always get hurt, they're grounded!
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