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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breathing Treatment.



And a birthday shout out to one of my best friends, Laura.

{photo taken at my other best friend, Jessica's, wedding}

Happy 21st birthday!
♫♪Laura, WOW! You're a BIG KID now!!♪♫
Hope your day is as wonderful as you are.
Miss you and cant wait til you come home to visit!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Dad's Surgery.

Everything went great! He didn't have to have any stints put in and the doctor said there was just slight narrowing. He got to come home late last night :) Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers!



Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thoughts & Prayers for my Dad, please.

You can never ask for too many prayers or positive thoughts.

My Daddy was admitted into the hospital yesterday with pretty bad chest pains. He's a tough man and does not like having to go to the hospital, but he woke my Mom up yesterday morning and told her he really needed to be checked out.

All of his blood work came back fine, as did his EKG's. He didn't have a heart attack so that was wonderful to hear that news! But there's something there causing the problems so they want to go in and have a look around.

So tomorrow morning he will be having a heart cath and this will make his fourth or fifth one. It eases my mind a little bit that he has one of the best doctors in the US that does his surgeries, but it still terrifies the living daylights out of me at the same time.

He's on four blood thinners and has had two shots in his stomach since yesterday. He is wearing a heart monitor to keep a check on things. They gave him a Plavix pill when he arrived and some Nitro Glycerin. I thought that was a pill also, but he explained it to me just a little bit ago on the phone that it's just a patch with the Nitro Glycerin gel stuff on it. They gave him another one last night, but they always give him major headaches so he said he didn't want any more.

So please just keep him in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes super great tomorrow. I try to think positive thoughts, but it's hard not to be scared. They gave him a sleeping pill so he can rest good tonight. I'm going over in the morning after my post-partum check up to be with my Daddy, my Mom and my two sisters.

Again, thoughts and prayers please. Thank you :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Brother loves Sister

♥ My kids ♥

Taken earlier today when I caught him 'reading' her a book :)


Thanks go out to Natasha Whiteley for the awesome frame action!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Who knew Uno Attack could be so dangerous?

Last night while I was playing Uno Attack with my husband, I decided to fix steaks for the both of us and our two year old son. So I walked into the kitchen and got them all spiced up to yummify their taste, placed them on the stove and then returned to the living room.

We were laying on our stomachs in the floor because our little boy was playing with his cars on one side of us and our baby girl was on the other side of us asleep in her vibrating/musical chair. I had my back to the kitchen.

So we're playing for a few minutes and my husband looks up and goes "OH MY GOSH!" and jumps up and takes off running to the kitchen. I'm thinking he's gone crazy... *lol* So I turn around and what do I see? FLAMES! So I copy him.. "OH MY GOSH!" and followed behind him.

We have a fire extinguisher underneath the kitchen sink so I took the baby safety lock off and got it our. He's over there blowing at the fire and I'm scared and screaming to take it because I had to get the kids. So I sat it down on the island and went running to the living room. I grabbed our little boy and hurried to the bedroom and sat him down, then ran back and grabbed the baby in her seat. Our little boy is terrified of the loud noise that the smoke alarms make.

My husband got the fire out within a minute, thank God! He said that it wasnt bad enough that he needed to use the fire extinguisher, but I didnt know. I just seen the flames and freaked out, worried about him, our kids and our home. So he showed me for like the millionth time (not complaining at all, because it's good to know) how to use it if I would ever be home alone and the horrible need arise.




When you're cooking, be sure that somebody can see the stove AT ALL TIMES!

And it was totally my fault, because I turned the two front burners on instead of the back and I had the handle over top it. Mistakes happen, but shew... scary! And then my husband turned around and did the same thing; turned the front on instead of the back, but realized before he walked off and hurried to fix it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Antique Church with a Hint of Sun flare

I took this photo the same day as I took the photo of our county courthouse (two posts below); December 9th. It was also taken out of the car window, but this time we were headed home from my husband getting his hair cut.

The sky is blown, which is a no-no... but I actually really like it! I think it helps the sun flare stand out that's going across the left side of the church beside the windows and the sign. Also, I like the itty bitty round ones on the door and just above. And the small clouds that are just barely peeking out of the brightness makes me smile. I love photos of churches :)


Let Us Complain Less and Give More!

“If you think you are unhappy, look at them

If you think your salary is low, how about her?

If you think you don’t have many friends…

When you feel like giving up, think of this man

If you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does?

If you complain about your transport system, how about them?

If your society is unfair to you, how about her?

Enjoy life how it is and as it comes

Things are worse for others and is a lot better for us :-)

There are many things in your life that will catch your eye but only a few will catch your heart…pursue those…

Let Us Complain Less and Give More!

Thank you to Soapbox Mama for sharing this email that

they had received recently and mentioned forwarding it on.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Courthouse

Took this out the window of our mini van the other day
while riding with my husband to go get his hair cut :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Before {SOOC} & After {EDITED}

I was taking some photos of my baby girl this morning while she was laying on the bed smiling at the curtains (her new best friend!). I pulled the curtains back and raised the blinds because the bed is right beside the window, so this let some really awesome natural light in. Natural light is beautiful and helps to create some great catch lights in eyes!

Anyway.. I'm sitting here editing some photos while my kiddos are asleep and wanted to share a before and after of one of them. Seeing as how I don't share photos of my family on the internet, I cropped the top part of her out. You can still get the general idea of how the editing went though. I wish you could see how pretty her eyes turned out in the photo; maybe another day, I can crop just her eyes...









I love comments ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter 2008

A photo I took earlier today while we were leaving our road and heading to town.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Much better!

Found a layout that I like a lot. Still have a few kinks to work out (fixing links at the top & adding my blog roll back, for example). Will do that in a bit. Plan on sharing a few photos, too.

A little better...

I don't LOVE the new layout and how things are arranged, but it's better than the messed up version that I made it a few days ago. So this will have to work until I'm able to customize it how I really like.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was trying to put a new background on here and nose at how it would look, and accidentally saved instead of hitting preview. Sooooooooooooo............ it's really messed up & I'm hoping I didnt lose all of my blog comments AGAIN. Please give me time to fix it {or try my best, anyway}. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nicholas Yancy Nischan Foundation

Nicholas Nischan - 1995-2008

Nicholas Yancy Nischan, born May 22, 1995, finished his race and received his reward on Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008, after a 61/2-year battle with cancer.


In honor of Nick and in lieu of flowers, the family prefers memorial donations to the Nicholas Yancy Nischan Foundation be sent to First Church of Christ, 287 Pomeroy St., Grayson, KY 41143. These funds will be divided between several ministries that are special to the Nischan family. In addition, a portion of these memorial donations will be used to establish a literacy outreach program.

You can also help if you shop online. The First Church of Christ in Grayson, which is where donations can be sent, was just added to GoodShop and GoodSearch. Go to and follow the tutorial listed below (same concept applies if you go to GoodSearch).


Photobucket <---- You can search for more stores if you use these boxes that are located on the left side of the page!
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