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Monday, December 22, 2008

Who knew Uno Attack could be so dangerous?

Last night while I was playing Uno Attack with my husband, I decided to fix steaks for the both of us and our two year old son. So I walked into the kitchen and got them all spiced up to yummify their taste, placed them on the stove and then returned to the living room.

We were laying on our stomachs in the floor because our little boy was playing with his cars on one side of us and our baby girl was on the other side of us asleep in her vibrating/musical chair. I had my back to the kitchen.

So we're playing for a few minutes and my husband looks up and goes "OH MY GOSH!" and jumps up and takes off running to the kitchen. I'm thinking he's gone crazy... *lol* So I turn around and what do I see? FLAMES! So I copy him.. "OH MY GOSH!" and followed behind him.

We have a fire extinguisher underneath the kitchen sink so I took the baby safety lock off and got it our. He's over there blowing at the fire and I'm scared and screaming to take it because I had to get the kids. So I sat it down on the island and went running to the living room. I grabbed our little boy and hurried to the bedroom and sat him down, then ran back and grabbed the baby in her seat. Our little boy is terrified of the loud noise that the smoke alarms make.

My husband got the fire out within a minute, thank God! He said that it wasnt bad enough that he needed to use the fire extinguisher, but I didnt know. I just seen the flames and freaked out, worried about him, our kids and our home. So he showed me for like the millionth time (not complaining at all, because it's good to know) how to use it if I would ever be home alone and the horrible need arise.




When you're cooking, be sure that somebody can see the stove AT ALL TIMES!

And it was totally my fault, because I turned the two front burners on instead of the back and I had the handle over top it. Mistakes happen, but shew... scary! And then my husband turned around and did the same thing; turned the front on instead of the back, but realized before he walked off and hurried to fix it.
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