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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The One Word Project • Shutter Sisters

My word for the month of February is Transformation.


My little boy woke up and wanted some cereal. While he was sitting beside me eating, I was thinking of how the cereal in the bowl would change. Then it hit me... TRANSFORMATION! And I knew it would be perfect for the 'One Word' project going on by Shutter Sisters.

So, I got a before shot and an after shot. I thought leaving a few pieces of cereal in the bowl for the second image would be more interesting than just having milk.

I played an action I created on both photos. Then I added two textures to both (the same two to each). I also played a vintage action on it but I can't remember who created it, or else I would give them credit. I then just put my text naming what it was and today's date.

2 friendly comments:

  1. Thanks! I like new things to do & this is definitely something different :)


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