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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thoughts & Prayers for my Dad, please.

You can never ask for too many prayers or positive thoughts.

My Daddy was admitted into the hospital yesterday with pretty bad chest pains. He's a tough man and does not like having to go to the hospital, but he woke my Mom up yesterday morning and told her he really needed to be checked out.

All of his blood work came back fine, as did his EKG's. He didn't have a heart attack so that was wonderful to hear that news! But there's something there causing the problems so they want to go in and have a look around.

So tomorrow morning he will be having a heart cath and this will make his fourth or fifth one. It eases my mind a little bit that he has one of the best doctors in the US that does his surgeries, but it still terrifies the living daylights out of me at the same time.

He's on four blood thinners and has had two shots in his stomach since yesterday. He is wearing a heart monitor to keep a check on things. They gave him a Plavix pill when he arrived and some Nitro Glycerin. I thought that was a pill also, but he explained it to me just a little bit ago on the phone that it's just a patch with the Nitro Glycerin gel stuff on it. They gave him another one last night, but they always give him major headaches so he said he didn't want any more.

So please just keep him in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes super great tomorrow. I try to think positive thoughts, but it's hard not to be scared. They gave him a sleeping pill so he can rest good tonight. I'm going over in the morning after my post-partum check up to be with my Daddy, my Mom and my two sisters.

Again, thoughts and prayers please. Thank you :)

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