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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hubby's Silhouette


Actually, I'm not positive if it's considered a true silhouette since there is still some coloring left in his shirt. I blacked it out in another version but just didn't feel the photo at all so I left it in at the end.

I took this photo on July 30th, 2008. Our two year wedding anniversary. Because, you know, you just cannot celebrate something like that until you go up to the lake five minutes from your house and go fishing ;)

It was honestly a bunch of fun though. I love fishing with my husband and our son! I was six months pregnant with our daughter at that time, too, so it was {extra} H-O-T outside!

The only thing about this photo that bothers me is how his shirt sleeves are kinda poofed out and make his arms look weird. He was cutting my fishing line out of the tree though because I, uh, sort of got it stuck up there when I went to cast it.

BUT! I loooooooooove how in the full size version (and this one, a little bit) I can see his eye lashes, goatee and even the hair on his arms so defined! Love, love, love it!

So I just wanted to share because I was nosing through all of my photos and found it. A treasure that I didn't even know I had :)


Side Note: Maybe one day I will be able to decide on a decent water mark for my photos and wont have a million different ones *lol*

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