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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What?!! You want to DRINK your turkey and gravy?!

While reading this post on (ever heard of Bramble Berry?), I seen that you can order bottles of Jones soda to your own customization and personalization wants and needs (the label, that is)! How cool is it that you can order pop with whatever photo of yours that you want?! SO COOL, I say!

They have a lot of different flavors (some with pretty colors!) for you to choose from. Yes, they even have a special "Turkey and Gravy" flavor for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, while supplies last. & the directions of how to get your order put through seem easy enough to understand.

If I had the money I would totally put an order through, but I dont so I cant *lol* But that doesnt stop me from sharing my new find with you all! So if you're interested (or just want to peek and check things out), go to and have a look around!

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