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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One thing I love....

Something that tickles my fancy (I sound old fashion *ha, ha*) is editing photos in Photoshop CS3. Just cant explain how much I love to experiment and just see what all I can do. I love actions, too, and have wrote a lot of my own.

This isnt my photo but I gave credit to the photographer (which is all they requested because it's a stock image; but goodness, they're good - love the pics of this girl & she's so pretty!!).

I liked her freckles a lot and in actual photographs I wont erase them all, but like I said... I was just playing to see what I could achieve (so nothing against freckles *whispers: I get a lot when I get out in the sun!*).

So here is just one edit, before and after. I plan to share a lot of before and after images in the future so be looking forward to that :-)

credit: binababy12

*comments welcome and appreciated*

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