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Monday, June 23, 2008


No, not the movie....

Yesterday, one of my very best friends got married ♥ J and T have been together for four years (engaged for one) and they're such an amazing couple; amazing CHRISTIAN couple, at that! I was very, very honored to be the Matron-of-Honor in the Bridal Party and hope I lived up to the duties :-)

Their ceremony was lovely and they both looked very beautiful/handsome. Their reception was a bunch of fun! I loved hearing them being announced as Mr and Mrs, watching their first dance, seeing them cut their cake (way awesome, btw!) and all the other dancing, too!

I'm so beyond happy for the two of them and know that they'll have a wonderful relationship as husband and wife; and eventually, they'll make great parents. But as for now, they're on a weeklong honeymoon in Tennessee and I cannot wait to see their professional wedding photos when they return home and receive them.

L2R: Me, L, J, K and C. J & K are sisters and their little sister, E, was the flower girl!

Showing off her dress

Which was gorgeous!

Different edit

They dont call J 'Legs' for no reason ;-) *ha, ha*

Getting into her dress

There's T (at the very beginning of the ceremony), his brother T, & then K and JP. One of his other brothers was also a groomsmen, but isnt in this picture. Oh, and my two year old was the ring bearer but I dont his photos publicly online.

Aww! (My husband took this photo, and a few others, and then... my camera's battery died - NOOOO!!!!)

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  1. Awesome, AWESOME shots! I love them all. I'm sorry that your battery died. You need a few back ups. I don't leave home without one or two.


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